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"Roller Skates and Grape Bubblicious"

Acrylic on Canvas


When I look at this painting, I see space and sky, but the colors keep triggering my memory of grape Bubblicious gum, with its grapier than a real grape taste. Our daily summer routines in the 70’s had one required uniform piece…roller skates. Whatever activity we were doing, we did that activity on skates. When I visit my childhood neighborhood and see the hills we skated down, I truly wonder how we didn’t break bones. Sometimes we would scrape together change and skate to Bell’s Grocery. I remember getting bubble gum and staring at those red, white, and blue Rocket Pops. It was ultimately more about the juicy colors than the tastes for me. Mmmm red dye #40….

This painting is a signed, one-of-a kind original. It is on stretched canvas and is painted around the sides, so no framing is necessary. Price includes shipping in the continental US. 

Roller Skates and Grape Bubblicious" 10"x10"

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