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Hello and welcome! I'm Maria- an abstract impressionist painter and art teacher living in Indiana. I have a passion for using bold, vibrant color to create paintings that give me joy and bring positive, upbeat vibes to living spaces.

I seek to create rich colorful environments that leave room for interpretation by the viewer. I gravitate toward magenta, turquoise, and cool blues and prefer to paint in multiple layers to create depth and interest. I have a strong sense of design but am mindful that painting from the heart should always take precedence over "the perfect composition".


Spheres and spirals inspired both from nature and manmade design often find their way into my work. I've discovered that this is a major reason I've always been drawn to the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Fredrique Hundertwasser, and Chuck Close. The circular forms in my visual world tend to be saturated with juicy color and infused with light.
Another very important player in my work is music. My deep sense of connection to the music I'm listening to while creating often informs the direction of my painting.

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A viewer may even see a part of a music lyric scrawled (illegibly) on or in the title of one of my paintings. I often hear a song and think, "I want to paint the way they make music."

Creating art is necessary for my emotional wellness and it gives me great comfort. When I paint, I am focused and have a sense that I am doing what I was meant to do. It is a great blessing that I can connect with others by sharing my work., and knowing my work is on the walls of so may great people gives me immense pride. Thanks SO much for stopping by. 


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