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"Sparklers, Fireflies, and Homemade Banana Ice Cream" 

Acrylic on Canvas



My favorite July 4th celebrations in the 70’s were pretty simple. We often celebrated on our back patio with neighbors. They probably grilled, but I have no memory of that. I only remember running around with sparklers and being mystified by them.  Why didn’t  they burn when the sparks landed on my skin? Why do they smell so good? When the sparklers were spent, we chased fireflies while the dads kept the crank turning on the ice cream because that was strictly a dad job. It was always banana or peach, and I’ve never tasted ice cream like it since. 

This painting is a signed, one-of-a kind original. It is on stretched canvas and is painted around the sides, so no framing is necessary. Price includes shipping in the continental US. 

"Sparklers, Fireflies, and Homemade Banana Ice Cream" 10"x10"

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